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Rural entrepreneurs - make sure you enter the Just Watch Me video contest. Find more info on our News page

Listen to the interview with Richard Pimentel about employment for persons with disabilities on AMI's Contact

Be sure to watch the Talent Untapped video about persons with disabilities

Hear the interviews about the 2014 Expo on AMI's Mosiac City

Be sure to check out the Just Watch Me video contest. Check our News page for details

Be sure to complete our survey about the 2014 Expo

Be sure to watch the video of Randy Lewis (speaker at the 2011 Expo) promoting his new book.

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Employment Expo Partners images

We appreciate and value your support. As one of the Ability Axis Employment Expo Partners, please feel free to copy this image to use in your emails, website and other materials.

Be sure to check out the partner images below - watch for images for the 2014 Employment Expo! Just copy and paste the image. Feel free to scale the image down to the size you need.

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Sample Email Message

Feel free to copy and paste this email message to share with your friends, family and colleagues..

Hello. I am sending this email to friends, relatives, business contacts – in fact, just about every personal contact that I have. Why? Because pretty much everyone I know is going to know someone who needs to know about an exciting event that is coming.

Intended to increase employment opportunities for people with disabilities in Manitoba, it will revolve around a job/career fair, feature all kinds of exhibits, and have a variety of speakers and workshops. This website has all the details! www.abilityaxis.com.

This is a “no pressure” request, but please give some thought to who, in your personal or professional network, might want to know about this event – and pass this information along. Who might want to know about it?

  • Employers who are interested in finding a new source of talent.
  • People with disabilities who are looking for work or wanting to change jobs or careers.
  • Students with disabilities who want to explore job and career paths.
  • Parents of kids with disabilities who want to learn more about opportunities for their kids after they leave high school, college, or universities.
  • People who work with people with disabilities in schools, community organizations, or government programs.

Hey, if you really want to help, you can even print or order some Expo Posters and put them on bulletin boards at churches, schools, or community clubs. You can also order Expo Bookmarks to share.

Thanks so much…

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